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Global Development Policy Forum (GDPF 2022)

Organized by Tod’Aers Global Network [TGN] and its partners worldwide, the Global Development Policy Forum (GDPF 2022), will bring together development stakeholders including government officials, university professors, senior policymakers, business leaders, economists, thought leaders, and innovators – for up to two days to discuss:

  • public leadership & ethical governance,

  • quality education & capacity building,

  • youth empowerment & civic engagement, and

  • business innovation & entrepreneurship,

across expert panels, keynote speeches, and workshops - in support of Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Development Policy Forum (GDPF 2022) will connect experts and leaders from both private and public sectors, as well as from academia. Participants will include delegates from government entities, international entities, public policy institutions, national agencies, private sector enterprises, multilateral & development organizations, scientific & academic institutions, end-users, and consumer services.

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