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Tod'Aérs "2022 Global Young Leader of the Year" Sharona Shnayder recognized as NatGeo Young Explorer

Sharona Shnayder, Nigerian-Israeli Environmental Advocate and previous honoree of Tod'Aérs "2022 Global Young Leader of the Year" Award, has achieved another significant milestone in her remarkable journey. Sharona has been recognized as a National Geographic (NatGeo) Young Explorer, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to environmental advocacy and climate justice.

At the age of 23, Sharona Shnayder stands as a source of inspiration in the global fight against climate change, particularly in the Middle East. Her dedication to mobilizing for climate justice has earned her international acclaim, and her recent recognition as a NatGeo Young Explorer solidifies her standing as a leader in the global environmental movement. Her work has gained recognition from major news outlets, including Global Citizen, CNN, and The Times of Israel, amplifying the impact of her advocacy on a global scale.

Sharona Shnayder is the Founder of the impactful global grassroots movement "Tuesdays for Trash", committed to inspire individuals worldwide to actively participate in waste management conversations and practices. The movement encourages people to dedicate Tuesdays, or any day, to picking up trash, advocating for better waste management practices from businesses, and cultivating a sense of responsibility toward creating healthier environments for all.

In 2022, Sharona Shnayder was honored with the Audi Environmental scholarship, leading to her designation as a One Young World Ambassador. Her passion for intersectional climate justice and raising awareness about the global garbage crisis has made a substantial impact, resulting in the removal of over 30,000 pounds of litter from the environment across 39 countries since the inception of Tuesdays for Trash since she began during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Tod'Aérs Global Network [TGN] extends its congratulations to Sharona Shnayder on her latest accomplishment as a National Geographic Young Explorer. Her unwavering dedication to environmental advocacy and climate justice serves as an inspiration for individuals and communities globally, reinforcing the significance of collective action for a sustainable and healthier future.


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