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Tod'Aérs reveals its "2022 Global Young Leader of the Year" Award winners

This year, Tod’Aérs Global Network [TGN] is addressing the "2022 Global Young Leader of the Year" Award in recognition of 8 young leaders from around the world - who have contributed significantly to global sustainable development, technological innovation, and socio-economic progress during the past 12 months. The nominees were selected in 4 categories:

Category 1: Public Leadership and Ethical Governance

Mr. Giacomo MANGONI (Italy) is a former Mayor of Agliana and former Vice President of the Province of Pistoia. He currently works as Policy Analyst at Tod'Aérs Global Network [TGN]. He holds a Master's degree in Economics and Public Policy from the Catholic University of Milan, a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Italian Switzerland (USI), and He graduated in International Relations from the University of Florence. He previously worked as Wealth Manager for the Swiss private bank Arner Bank and was a Visiting Researcher on Europen Economic Integration at the Sydney Sussex College of the University of Cambridge.

Mr. Olumide IDOWU (Nigeria) is a Consultant at the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Executive Coordinator for the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC). He is the Youth Focal Point (Nigeria) for the UNDP Small Grant Program and contributed as an author to the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). He was recognized as African Youth Champion for the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR). His core focus includes Youth Empowerment, Environment, Climate Change, Communication, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Sustainable Development.

Category 2: Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Arno IMMELMAN (Thailand) is a University Lecturer and Co-founder of Swift Escape Global, a recruitment firm that specializes in placing people in jobs throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia. He is the Assistant Dean for International Affairs at the Faculty of Management Sciences at Prince of Songkla University. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business and Entrepreneurship from Northumbria University (United Kingdom).

Ms. Karen AQUEREBURU (Togo), is a Group Project Manager at Gozem - a startup that has focused over the last 4 years on building out operations in the transportation, e-commerce, delivery, and fintech sectors. She, at first, worked for Gozem as Group Social Impact Manager. Before moving back to Togo to work at Gozem, She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from HEC Montreal and previously worked as an Associate for the Canadian company MD Financial Management.

Category 3: Youth Empowerment and Civic Engagement

Ms. Sharona SHNAYDER (Israel/Nigeria), is a 22-year-old Nigerian-Israeli Environmental Advocate mobilizing for climate justice in the Middle East. She is a One Young World Ambassador and Founder of Tuesdays for Trash - a global grassroots movement inspiring individuals around the world to dedicate Tuesdays - or every day - to trash picking, conversing about the waste management issue, demanding better practices from big businesses, and becoming responsible citizens working towards healthier homes for all. She serves as the Chairwoman of the social justice non-profit Our Streets PDX and is a part of the Global Choices' Arctic Angel community.

Ms. Sarra RIAHI (France/Tunisia), is a French-Tunisian Journalist and the Head of Advocacy at We Belong, a youth-led organization that offers tailored training, project management, communication, as well as policy and strategy services on issues related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. As an advocate, she has worked as a public speaker, consultant, and researcher with various European and international entities such as the European Commission, European Network Against Racism, European Network on Religion and Belief, the Media Diversity Institute, and the MEd dialogue.

Category 4: Quality Education and Capacity Building

Ms. Khazana SIHWAYA (Zambia/United States), is a Medical Doctor, a One Young World Ambassador, and Founder of the 2030 Child Nutrition Project - an initiative that promotes good health and nutritional practices to eradicate malnutrition in expecting mothers, lactating women, and infants during the critical 1000 days of life. The project reached over 6000 women and children through cookery workshops, and nutritious food hampers donations at the peak of COVID-19. She is an alumna of both the University of Delaware under the Study of the US Institutes and the USAID-funded Youth Lead Program.

Ms. Marie-Lucienne N'GUESSAN (Cote d’Ivoire) is a 23-year-old UNICEF Youth Champion, YALI Alumni, and Founder of the Center MARée de LUmière, a non-profit organization that aims to train women, children, and people from marginalized backgrounds in the field of technology. She leads the project Digital O'Féminin Tour, which trained over 450 young women across 9 cities in Cote d'Ivoire. She is a Google Women Tech Makers Ambassador and was awarded "Tech Influencer of the Year" at the Pulse Influencer Awards.

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