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Tod'Aérs Global Network [TGN] joins UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies: ARISE

Tod'Aérs Global Network [TGN] is pleased to announce its partnership with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)'s Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE). This partnership underscores Tod'Aérs Global Network [TGN]'s commitment to supporting global sustainable development initiatives and advancing risk governance and resilience worldwide, under the leadership of the Governing Board.

UNDRR Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) is a global alliance initiated by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) in 2015, with the primary mission to create risk-resilient societies by promoting and supporting the integration of disaster risk and disaster preparation into business management strategies and investment decisions. ARISE has expanded to include over 400 members and 29 networks worldwide, with a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration and sharing best practices among its members. ARISE also aims at unleashing the potential of private sector know-how, innovation, and convening powers in partnership with Governments and other stakeholders to deliver measurable changes in business practices towards resilience.

By aligning with global frameworks such as the Sendai Framework, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement, the New Urban Agenda, and the Agenda for Humanity; ARISE demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainable and resilient societies. Through its regional and national networks, ARISE offers its members opportunities to demonstrate leadership and cooperation in reshaping business practices and contributing to global efforts for disaster risk reduction and sustainable development.

ARISE mobilizes and facilitates the private sector to carry out risk-informed investments and to apply business practices that reduce and prevent the creation of risk, build resilience, and enhance recovery from disasters, in line with the Sendai Framework. ARISE focuses on four priorities: SMEs; integrating DRR into investment decisions; incentivizing DRR within the insurance industry, and resilient infrastructure. The alliance emphasizes the role of the private sector in preventing disasters and ensuring the resilience of both enterprises and communities. Through collaboration and innovation, ARISE seeks to facilitate the adoption of risk-informed decision-making and adaptive strategies across various industries and sectors.

Through this partnership, Tod'Aérs Global Network aims to leverage its expertise in risk governance, strategic advisory, management consulting, and government affairs to contribute to ARISE's mission. Tod'Aérs Global Network's extensive portfolio of global partners such as international organizations, governments, and businesses positions it as a valuable partner in advancing ARISE's objectives. Tod'Aérs Global Network looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with UNDRR and ARISE and reaffirms its commitment to supporting efforts toward building disaster-resilient societies worldwide.


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