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Tod’Aérs welcomes a new Senior Advisor: Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi

Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi (Nigeria) has been appointed as Senior Advisor of Global Operations & Partnerships at Tod’Aérs Global Network [TGN]. She joined as Project Advisor in April 2022 where she worked within the Geospatial Division on the Global Development Policy Initiative (GDPi). She was previously Assistant Chief Scientific Officer with the Space Agency of Nigeria (NASRDA) at the Space Life Sciences Division since 2013.

Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi is a space bio-scientist and an astrobiologist, principal Investigator, and the Leading Expert of Microgravity Research. Prior to this, Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi has had collaboration in research and education with United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in the Zero-Gravity Instrument Project. Her research focuses on space life sciences in relation to the solutions on the risks on space explorers concerning their physiology and psycho-sociology. She researches as regards farming, food, and nutrition in extreme environments of the Earth, having application in food security and in climate smart agriculture.

Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi is a P.h.D. candidate in Space Biochemistry at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti in Nigeria, she has several academic and moral awards with publications in several reputable high impact peer-reviewed international scientific journals and magazines. She has received fellowships, post-graduate scholarships, research travel grant, election into professional science academy, conference scholarships, training scholarship, publication award, and organizer of international conferences. Ms. Funmilola Oluwafemi is involved in policy-driven publications and patents leading to adoption of practice, driving positive-change around the globe as an educationist, researcher, writer and a counsellor on this related matter.