Dikpola-GeoRT ​(Geospatial Risks Assessment & Optimization Tools)

AI-based integrated geospatial database with advanced tools for geospatial risk assessment and optimization

As part of the management of geospatial risks worldwide, the development of more strategic approaches becomes a major imperative. Tod’Aérs Global Network [TGN] and its partners worldwide, have launched the AI-based platform Dikpola-GeoRT to support governments of developing countries and emerging market economies in the optimization of geospatial risk assessments.

Dikpola-GeoRT ​(Geospatial Risks Assessment & Optimization Tools) ​was launched to support governments of developing countries and emerging market economies in the optimization of geospatial risk assessments. It can be used in several fields such as fintech, digital agriculture, disaster risk management, digital infrastructure, natural resources management (water, energy, mining), telecoms, health, aviation, meteorology, satellite communications, and many other applications.

Dikpola-GeoRT is an AI-based integrated geospatial database with advanced tools for geopolitical risk assessment and optimization, which allows governments to manage different types of geospatial data, carry out hundreds of spatial analysis operations and use interactive cartographic visualization tools thanks to the spatial functionalities of Dikpola-GeoRT.

The Dikpola-GeoRT platform helps governments to understand the impact of geopolitical issues and efficiently optimize and mitigate them. The platform also offers scalability, safety, and performance to supply the most demanding applications with an integrated cloud infrastructure; as well as a complete spatial analysis, cartography, and location platform that meets the essential needs of governments in various sectors, including transport, public services, retail, energy, public sector, defense, construction, etc.

In the public sector, government entities can analyze sets of national or local data for digital surveillance, search for contacts, crime cartography, predictive police, and emergency services. Countries and cities gain efficiency by managing important and complex data concerning cadastre and mapping, agriculture, modeling and planning of 3D cities, the production of hydrographic cards, and weather data. Public institutions increase their competitiveness by effectively analyzing breakdowns and effectively planning services in the field.

Dikpola-GeoRT helps in planning mobile networks and management of public services facilities to optimize the location of mobile network towers, and maintenance workflows, and reduce costs. In transport and logistics, Dikpola-GeoRT improves operational efficiency by treating large volumes of complex and heterogeneous geospatial data for the maintenance of rail assets, airport assets, air traffic, long-distance road transport, and package delivery.

In engineering and construction, using Dikpola-GeoRT, governments can combine GIS and CAE systems for building data modeling and installation management, connecting workflows, eliminating data silos, and providing a location context.

In cybersecurity, financial, and insurance services, Dikpola-GeoRT discovers risk areas and other models based on location data analysis and personalized offers based on this information. It also has integrated privacy tools to ensure the security of data and information.

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